About Us

DomainVendor B.V. was incorporated in March 2017 in the Netherlands, but its origins go back many years before that.

Its concept was founded as a portal for managing all aspects of domains for users, in a simple and easy to use way. Simple and easy for users without a technical background. For more experienced users with additional needs, such as resellers, more fine grained functionality to support their specific requirements.

Naturally, domain registration is the foundation for building the functionality. Domain Vendor support hundreds of domain endings (TLDs) to address your requirements and protect your domain rights around the world. We are a direct member of both SIDN and CORE . This allows us to offer very competitve prices for the registration and our services.

To get customers to your domains, we provide DNS support for all your domains. The configuration is automatic by the registration, but the ongoing configuration is fully in your control. The allows use of the domain with a website or just parking it for later use. DNS support also includes special entries needed by special services from Google, mail servers, LetsEncrypt and others.

For web designers and agencies, we also offer a fully functional API for integrating our services into your own platform. This encompasses all aspects of domain registration, transfers and renewals. Additionally, you can set up web access for your customers to our platform to manage their own domains.